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About Providers

A bit more about some of the top broadband providers.

In the country and what they are best known for. These are just a few of the top providers but there are more that you should consider, depending on your personal preferences and expectations.

Find out a bit more about the top providers in the country and how their broadband packages might suit you.

BT is one of the most trusted companies in the UK and has been providing us with a top quality telecommunications service for many, many years. They have developed a strong brand name; their current BT Infinity 2 package is their focal selling point, and it is up to 8x faster than the UK average.

Sky is similar in that they have a strong brand image and have a strong history of delivering top home media services, and they also have an impressive fibre broadband package. On top of this, Sky is also successful as they cater to everyone’s needs by having a variety of packages with different speeds, so you are sure to find one to suit you.

Plusnet is another top provider who is growing in popularity, and they believe that paying less shouldn’t result in a poorer service, so they pride themselves on delivering high quality broadband at good value for your money.

BE broadband has established themselves for providing high speed internet along with an efficient service and this has given them a solid reputation amongst customers. These are just a few of the top providers, and there are a few more to discover with their own benefits.

How to pick the right broadband provider

Find out all the important aspects to consider when making the tricky decision of picking a broadband provider. There are a few things you can compare to help you decide, and also a few things to consider when checking aspects such as cost.

Once you have understood all of the technical language and got your head around all the confusing figures and data you can begin to think about choosing a broadband provider. Identifying what you require from your broadband provider and package is hugely important at this time, as you will need to ensure that your provider is giving you everything you need and that you are not paying for elements which you do not require.

Be sure to identify important aspects such as how many users and devices are in your household and whether or not you are heavy or light users of the internet, once all of this has been established you can begin to compare different providers and packages and find the one that is perfectly suited to you and your household.

Aside from speed of connection and monthly allowances, you will need to consider a few important factors to get the most from your package. You will need to look at what services the provider will be offering you, such as free installation, a free router and possibly internet security. Other important things to compare between providers include offers or promotions that they currently have, and this is something that could save you money.

You may also get some exciting extras chucked in too, it is important to note with this though that this should not be the only reason you opt for a broadband provider, and you should make sure that they fit your specific requirements before looking at promotions.

Cost is obviously one of the major factors in your decision, but you should not be opposed to spending that little bit more on a faster, more reliable connection from one of the more trusted providers. This is because sticking to a budget and ending up with a slower connection will be extremely frustrating and you do not want to enter into a contract for an extended period of time when you are not happy with the product or service.

Find the top deals from the best providers around

There are currently some fantastic offers available on some top broadband packages. See what Sky, BT, Talk Talk, Virgin, Plusnet and Orange are currently offering when you search here. There are plenty of deals and packages to choose from!

When making the tricky decision of deciding on the right broadband provider and the right package for your internet requirements, remember to take advantage of the availability checker that we have. This will allow you to see whether or not you are able to get that particular type of broadband in your area, as broadband types such as fibre broadband are currently not available in all areas of the country.

Some of the current offers and deals that are currently on from the top broadband providers are sure to tempt you, but remember to consider your specific requirements when looking at the offers and deals.

Virgin are currently offering up to 30 Mb broadband which is super fast broadband and you also get unlimited downloads, a free Virgin Media Super Hub wireless modem router and more.

With Talk Talk Essentials you can get 6 months half price, 40 GB download allowance and a free wireless router, whilst BT Broadband and Anytime calls will give you free calls for a year and up to 16 Mb speed and usage limit of 10 GB.

Popular provider Sky is currently offering six months free broadband with no traffic management or usage caps, and also unlimited Wi-Fi and more. These are just a few of the current offers so check back regularly to see what others are coming up from these providers and many others across the country.

What are the different types of broadband available?

Learn about the different types of broadband you can get and the advantages of getting that particular type of connection. Much of it will depend on your location, and some will be much more expensive than others.

Before jumping in and deciding on a broadband package, it is important to understand just what broadband is and the different types that are available to you. There are a few different types of broadband; each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the main types available to you: ADSL broadband is the most common, and this type of broadband uses a phone line to connect to the internet. Unlike dial up, it works alongside the frequencies used for your phone, meaning that you can use the phone at the same time as being online.

For those that live in areas unable to get a DSL or cable service Satellite broadband could be the answer, and this can achieve speeds similar to that of other broadband technologies, however it can be affected by the weather and there is also greater signal delay.

Fibre broadband is the most impressive, and this uses fibre optic technology to deliver super fast speeds meaning that you can download, stream video and play games online all at the same time. This type of broadband is currently not available in all areas but there are plans to expand it around the country by the end of 2012 so you may have seen signs for this.