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About Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is a method for getting online by using wireless technology. More specifically it is accessed by using a mobile phone or other portable device such as a laptop, by connecting via a portable modem. This can come in a variety of forms, including a USB dongle. In the case of a mobile phone the modem is already built in to allow the phone to connect to any available unlocked network nearby.

When it comes to laptops, many modern ones have a built in modem. However older models and those that do not have a built in modem can still connect to the internet by way of the USB dongle mentioned above. This is plugged into an available USB socket, allowing the user to connect to the internet and use it as they would normally.

What are the advantages of having mobile broadband?

There are plenty of advantages to having mobile broadband. For starters it gives you a freedom you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Let’s say you have a desktop computer at home for example, but you also have a laptop that you take to and from the office. Normally, if you were on a train you wouldn’t be able to get internet access unless your laptop was equipped to pick it up. But with mobile broadband you can get a dongle that allows you to access the internet even when you are on the move.

Mobile broadband doesn’t just come into play with regard to laptops either. If you want to use your mobile phone to connect to the internet you will still have to buy an appropriate deal to enable you to do so. These are often known as bolt ons and they allow you to get a certain amount of internet access every month. You can either get a pay as you go deal or you could opt for a monthly contract instead. It all depends on your needs.

Thus you can see there is a lot to look forward to when choosing mobile broadband.

Which is best – PAYG or monthly?

It depends how often you are going to go online. This applies in all situations. For those that only use mobile internet occasionally, a pay as you go deal will be better value for money. But if you know you will have an almost constant need to go online when you are out and about, it is best to get a good value monthly contract instead.

How many broadband providers are there to choose from?

There are lots of different mobile broadband providers, including T-Mobile, 3 Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin, BT and O2. They each have a range of offers and options for getting mobile broadband, and they have different price points in each case as well.

This means it is wise to compare the different companies against each other before choosing your deal. Start by focusing on whether you want PAYG or a monthly contract – this will help narrow down your options. Once you’ve done this you can figure out what type of mobile broadband you want. It could be a bolt on for your phone or a dongle for your laptop. Which would suit you best?

Then it’s time to compare prices. You’ll find a range of options which vary in price depending on the offer and the amount of data it allows you each month. If you get a PAYG deal you might find when you top up it will only last for a set period of time. Make sure you know the details before you choose your deal.

Look out for special deals for existing customers too. For instance if you have a mobile phone deal with O2 already, see if they have a special deal for mobile broadband for an existing customer too. The same applies if you are with Vodafone, Virgin or any other company.

Mobile Broadband Summary

If you have a need for mobile broadband it is essential to compare the different companies so you know what the cheapest deal is for your needs. Don’t jump in and grab the first deal you see; you can very often find cheaper options simply by shopping around and seeing what is available. If you’re not sure how much you will use mobile broadband, monitor your likely usage for a week or so beforehand, so you know roughly what package to get. 

Very often the best deals are not from one particular provider, such as BT or Orange. Instead they are for new customers, although existing customers can also get good deals in some cases, as mentioned above. 

But not all plans are the same, so do be sure to look around to find the best deal in your situation. Once you have it you can enjoy getting online no matter where you are.