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BT Customers can enjoy full interoperability with BT Conferencing Services.

Date : Thursday, Nov 24, 2011

Companies and organizations can now opt for standard or high definition endpoints which could include telepresence suites, mobile devices, office desktop units and even web cameras enabling them to conduct video meetings.  This implies a combination of latest devices along with legacy devices can be used in a single session for an enhanced compatibility between them is possible.  Currently, the BT Conferencing supports SIP, H.323 and H.320 which are major standards in the video conferencing industry.

This service comes under the BT’s Global Video Exchange family of services which were provided from the year 2010 onwards enabling the much preferred video application to be used in business meetings, business to business calls and even multi-media events which were conducted on a large scale.

BT has got 50,000 plus specially registered conferencing sites across the globe through which BT exchange customers can enjoy better connectivity options to make the best possible use of their video infrastructure as per their convenience which can be calculated on per minute basis or on flat rate plans.

Through this initiative, corporates and other big organizations can reduce their carbon emissions, travel costs while conducting business in an effective manner for their issues of interacting with customers, colleagues and clients are now feasible across time and geographical barriers.

Thus, BT can definitely take the lead in pioneering the development of web-hosted video meeting services which include setting up of video telepresence exchanges and video communication services which are exchange related. This BT Conferencing which includes public and private cloud-based videoconferencing is a part of the BT Global Video Exchange which is known to connect a range of communication service platforms across the globe.

BT has taken a step ahead in providing better videoconferencing services enabling its customers to enjoy full global interoperability and choose their preferred solution provider. This proves to be a just what customers wished to enjoy when conducting their meetings.

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