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BT Broadband Top Deals

BT Broadband Deals :

BT Broadband products.

As one of the biggest broadband, landline and television providers in the United Kingdom (well, it’s been around for over a hundred years), you’d expect BT to offer some of the best deals and services around, and you wouldn’t be wrong. There are deals across each service designed to suit every customer that logs on to the company’s website.

Broadband is the biggest service that the company offers, with digital television a close second. Although landlines can still be purchased from the company on their own, they’re falling in popularity despite the fact that most people have still got one due to the rise of mobile phones in the last few years, and the company now sells a great deal through tacking them onto packages with broadband – for instance, for not much more than the price of More Broadband on its own, the More Broadband and Evening and Weekend Calls deal offers customers a forty gigabyte download usage limit every month with free calls to UK landlines during the evenings and throughout the weekends. Customers still know that they need a landline even if it’s never used, and this is one of the cheapest ways of getting one. There is a huge amount of pre-packaged bundles like this so customers can pick and choose what is most important to them.

When it comes to getting digital TV from BT, though, you’re going to already need to have signed up to its broadband services. After you’ve done that, you can choose from two options: TV Essential and TV Unlimited. There is little difference between the two (they both offer Freeview and basic features, for example) other than the fact that the former forces you to pay for the on-demand programmes and catch-up TV from channels like the BBC and Channel 4 as and when you want to watch them, while the latter includes these programmes but obviously costs more money every month. The television services cannot be added to a broadband and landline package – it has to either be bought with broadband or bought on its own.

Get Best broadband features form BT

Because BT is such a large and prestigious company in the telecommunications market, it is in a position to be able to offer the best support and technology in its deals to its customers. When customers sign up to any of its deals that involve broadband with a 40GB or unlimited monthly allowance, they immediately become eligible for free online security from McAfee, which has gained a reputation as one of the most well-known and trusted internet security developers in the country – when it is enabled, you can surf to your heart’s content without having to worry about letting in hackers or viruses, as well as knowing that you’re protected when you enter your personal details into online retailers.

In addition, customers can access online storage where they can keep photos, videos and other files so they won’t be lost in the unlikely event of the computer crashing – it’s much easier than using an external hard drive! When it comes to TV, the company realises that there are only going to be certain points when certain people want to watch sport – it might be that golf fans want to be able to see the Open, but they don’t want to subscribe to a year’s worth of Sky Sports to do so when it only runs for a week. BT therefore offers Sky Sports 1 and 2 on month-long contracts so people can get them when they want and don’t have to renew them if they don’t fancy watching any more. With Sky one of the company’s major rivals, the fact that it can offer this kind of deal to its customers is a welcome alternative to those who cannot afford the full Sky service.

In addition, unlike its rivals, the company offers free technical support to its customers through a number of formats including by phone, through its customer forums, through the chat function on its website and even through Twitter (although you’ll have to condense your query down to 140 characters!). The customer service team will do everything it can to help you whenever you call.

BT Broadband FAQ

We all know that someone has probably been there and done it before, so don't worry, just log onto the BT website. One of the easiest and speediest means to get information fast is to simply browse the Frequently Asked Questions. Here, you will discover clear-cut answers to a variety of queries that are regularly asked.

Whether you are joining BT, upgrading or looking for answers about new products and services, this is where you will find what you need. Phone, Broadband and TV are all covered. As are queries about what happens should you move home, if VAT is included, or if you need a new phone line rental.

Additionally included is a jargon buster which allows you to better understand those tricky technology and communication terms so that you can shop with confidence.

Switch to BT easily!

Once you have made the decision to switch to BT for a better service, you can relax and leave it all up to them. There are 3 steps that must be followed in order to perform a successful switch to BT. First, you must choose the package that you want and can tailor it to meet your specific household needs, and order it online. Secondly, BT will get in touch with your current service provider to arrange the smooth transfer of your services. Thirdly, you will be connected to the BT network. Any necessities such as a new wireless router will be posted to your home, and if you need a new phone line then a time and date suitable for you will be arranged for a qualified engineer to quickly install this for you. If you are switching your phone service to BT then you must choose a call package online. Again, there is no need to contact your current service provider as BT will take care of that for you and will organise a date for your brand new service to begin as soon as possible, or whenever it best suits you. BT will also do all that they can to ensure that you do not have to change your phone number and they will inform you if this is a necessity while you make your order.

Switching to BT Broadband couldn't be simpler. Once you have selected your BT package then BT will get in touch with your present provider to arrange the takeover. During this process it may be found that you require a MAC code to successfully transfer your services. This is a simple code that allows you to maintain your broadband connection throughout the switch. If this is so, then you must get in touch with your current provider and ask for your MAC code, which they are obliged to give you, and then you can add it onto your BT order. Simple!

For those that are switching their digital TV to BT Vision for great Freeview and TV on demand; all that you have to do is select your new package and BT will contact your current provider to organise the switch. This can take up to 15 days to occur but BT will inform you of the activation date promptly. To get BT Vision you need a BT landline and broadband; with this there is no need for an unsightly satellite or cable as it works over your broadband connection - not to worry though, it doesn't eat up your usage space at all! If you are getting a new BT landline then a qualified engineer will be sent to your home to install and connect it for you.

With BT Vision you only need to pay for the TV that you watch, and you are not tied into a tight contract or bound by a TV schedule as there are over 5,000 hours of on demand entertainment and unlimited Freeview for you to enjoy!

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