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Fuel Products

It’s not doing Fuel a disservice to say that most broadband consumers around the UK won’t have heard of it – when bigger companies like Sky and BT dominate television and print advertising then it can be very difficult for smaller companies to make an impression, and this may well be the case here. However, the products and services that the company provides are well up to matching the equivalent options of the giants of the industry.

The company deals with both residential and business broadband and landline services with a concentration on landlines. It’s one of the cheaper companies when it comes to renting a phone line with two simple deals, Home Phone Saver and Home Phone Max, offering free evening and weekend calls and unlimited calls to UK landlines respectively, but it also has three other deals which aim to save the customer as much money as possible. The Saver Basic 1 deal offers customers a landline with a huge saving based on them paying for each quarter at once rather than being charged by the week or by the month. The Saver Value 1 works in the same way but requires customers to pay for six months upfront, and the Saver Plus deal is the same again, but it asks customers to pay a year in advance.

The company also takes advantage of the spreading fears about the state of the environment and our impact upon it by offering two landline deals, Fuel Eco Saver and Fuel Eco Saver Plus – the company will make a donation to The Tree Council for every new customer that signs up to one of those deals. Finally, customers who want to combine their landline and broadband services can opt for Fuel or Fuel , the former of which offers free evening and weekend calls with a 20GB data usage limit and the latter of which offers the same in terms of calls but has an unlimited data allowance.

The fact that free activation and a free router is also thrown in makes the company’s phone and broadband combination a pretty sweet deal.

Fuel Features

Fuel's service, although it is good quality, is rather basic and there aren’t a huge amount of extras and other services of the sort that you might expect to get with a bigger and more well-known provider. Its customer service record is very good and has even won several awards, with a dedicated help section maintained on the website to provide as much help as possible to any customers or potential customers with questions or problems to resolve and a number of methods, such as online forms, phone and fax, for anyone looking to get in touch with its customer service team available to use.

In addition, customers who want to take advantage of the company’s landline services but who don’t have a phone line don’t have to worry – the company will install and connect a phone line and transfer your phone number over on your behalf (it helps if you give the company fourteen days’ notice if you need the number transferred) when you sign up to the Fuel Saver deal. This saves you a huge amount of hassle and time as this is one of the most confusing problems to sort out when you move to a house that isn’t connected, but it should be noted that you only become eligible to have it done for free with this specific deal – if you just want a landline-only deal then you will have to pay an installation fee, but this is standard practise with telecoms companies.

There are also a number of deals which periodically appear on the company’s website for a limited time so that new customers might be tempted to take advantage of them before they run out. However, it’s a fairly safe bet that a new deal will pop up as soon as the old one has finished, so if the one offered at the moment doesn’t look particularly appealing, there’s nothing to be lost by waiting a few days or weeks for an alternative.

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