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Plusnet Broadband Top Deals

Plusnet Broadband Deals :

Plusnet Offers 50% Off Broadband for a Whole Year

We all like to have a good deal on broadband, but it can sometimes be difficult to find what you need. Here we focus on the latest deal from Plusnet, a company that is currently offering 50% off their broadband prices.

Would you like to have half price broadband for the next year? It sounds too good to refuse doesn’t it? Certainly it is a great deal and the company we have to thank for it is Plusnet.

The deal provides you with the chance to get a low cost package for the next year. If you’re looking to save money and get a reasonable line rental charge as well, this could be the ideal package for your needs.

The offer also ensures you get speeds of up to 16Mb and includes unlimited usage every month. This is ideal if you have several users who all want to get online at various times. It means you won’t have to worry about going over your limit and being charged a higher amount.

They will even check your current connection to see how fast your internet speed could be, before you even commit to getting this deal. This is great because you’ll know exactly where you stand before you do anything. Since Plusnet is an award winning company when it comes to broadband, you should feel confident in choosing their service.

We all want to save money on our bills wherever we can. Therefore anyone with internet – or who wants an internet connection – should take a closer look at this deal so they can find the ideal savings every month for the next year. When you think about it, it would be foolhardy not to claim this amazing offer with this well known company.

Plusnet Home Broadband Features

Attaining and then maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is hugely important for any company and, while many erroneously claim to have the highest level of satisfaction among their customers, Plusnet actually does, with a recent survey by the market researcher GfK NOP indicating that the company has the highest number of happy customers, beating rivals like Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk. This is largely due to the fact that the company maintains a technical support call centre which never closes (not even on Christmas Day) and, crucially, is based in the UK as opposed to another country, which is one of the pet gripes of customers who get charged a lot of money when they have a problem which needs sorting out.

Customers can get in touch with the customer service team in a number of other ways, including through the chat function on the company’s website and through Twitter, which has led to Which? magazine awarding it four stars for customer service and labelling it as a recommended provider.

There are a number of tools on the website designed to help customers keep track of the service they’re receiving – for instance, they can check the amount of broadband they’ve used at any point during a month to ensure that they don’t go over their allowed amount, as well as logging in to the company’s community section. This allows them to chat with other customers and technical support staff about anything to do with the service and its features and aims to help the company develop long-lasting relationships with their customers.

In addition, the company runs a My Referrals scheme which aims to help both its customers and itself – customers recommend its services to a friend and every time someone new joins up in this way, the customer that recommended them receives a discount on their monthly bill and, the more people they recommend, the bigger the discount becomes. The customer gets a cheaper service, the new customer gets to experience everything Plusnet has to offer and the company gets new business – everyone’s a winner!

Plusnet Broadband FAQ

Will my unique MAC key expire? Yes, it will. Customers must use their MAC key within 30 days of receiving it. If it expires you will need to ask your existing provider for a new one.

Do I have to cancel before switching? No, as you will need an active service in order to switch easily to Plusnet. Cancelling your current service could hinder the length of time that it takes to switchover.

How fast will my broadband be then? Your broadband service is subject to many variables. Plusnet, however, will always ensure that you receive the highest possible speed to maintain a constant satisfactory connection to the Internet.

Can I connect multiple computers? Yes, you can, providing that you have subscribed to a router that is capable of supporting this feature. Currently, Plusnet can accommodate 4 computers via Ethernet and numerous others via wireless.

How do I know what I can have in my area? To discover what the area you are living in entitles you to gain from a Plusnet broadband service you can go onto their website and use the "Check Availability" feature for the products and services that you want.

You can do this by entering your phone number and post code. With this information Plusnet is able to quickly inform you of an estimated download speed and price, as well as how far you are from the nearest telephone exchange. This is the means by which Plusnet's fibre optic cables will be connected to your home.

Its easy Switching to Plusnet!

If you are unhappy with your existing Internet service and wish to switchover to the superior Plusnet broadband then you can do so very easily. Once you have made your decision and informed your current ISP then you need to ask them for your personal MAC key, which they are obliged to provide by law. With this, you can choose your new Plusnet package online, enter your MAC code when asked, and Plusnet will take care of the rest to begin the transfer of services.

The switchover can take up to 2 weeks to fully complete but in the meantime you will be able to remain connected to the Internet. You should not be subject to any additional fees when you inform your existing Internet Service Provider of your decision to switch services, however, you may need to pay off any outstanding fees.

Switching your Internet Service Provider can be a lucrative affair if it is done right. For example, you can use the online post code checker located on the Plusnet website to determine how much money you could be saving were you to be enjoying their broadband service as opposed to a competitor. Plusnet is the lowest priced company when it comes to home broadband as a stand-alone service! If you find that you are not living in an area currently covered by the Plusnet network then you can still take advantage of their great service by adding a Plusnet line rental for only £11.99 when you join.

You can even earn yourself some cash by referring your friends and receiving monthly discounts on your bill, providing that they join and remain a Plusnet customer!

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