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Post office Broadband Top Deals

Post office Broadband Deals :

Post Office Home Broadband Products

It’s always surprising to learn that the Post Office actually performs more services than shuttling our letters and parcels around (usually four or five days after we wanted them delivered), but it actually has a large range of services that it performs on our behalf, such as insurance for our homes and vehicles, but it also provides broadband access and landlines to customers across the country. Most of the main providers often offer deals where broadband is combined with a landline in order to keep sales figures for both up by trying to convince customers to get both, rather than just one.

The Post Office is no different – it has five deals available to customers which comprise standalone landline services, standalone broadband services and combinations of both of them. The HomePhone deal offers customers a landline on its own; the Broadband Standard deal offers customers broadband on its own; the Broadband Extra deal offers customers a better version of broadband on its own; the HomePhone with Broadband Standard deal offers customers a landline with broadband and the HomePhone with Broadband Extra deal combines the landline with the better version of the broadband.

As seen, the deals themselves are fairly straightforward – their names give away what they offer the customer, and there’s nothing there to suggest that the service will be any better or worse than the services provided by other, more well-known broadband and landline providers. It’s essentially up to the customer as to whether they would prefer to go for Post Office services or opt for another provider. It’s unlikely, however, that they would be able to find a better deal.

The HomePhone service offers customers inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landlines as well as inclusive calls to UK mobiles at the weekends, while the difference between Broadband Standard and Broadband Extra is in the amount of data that can be used every month – the former can only use 5GB, which makes it fine for those who only check email, but those who use the internet any more than that should go for the latter, which has no download limit.

Post Office Home Broadband Features

As is often the case with smaller providers, the amount of extras and other features within the Post Office’s services are few, but there are several to be noted nevertheless. Customers who are wary of the long contracts and high cancellation fees imposed by bigger providers should note that there are no long contracts here, which gives them a much greater level of flexibility – if they decide that they don’t want to carry on with the arrangement any longer, they won’t have long to wait.

In addition, those who sign up to any of the Post Office’s broadband services are eligible for a few more extras thrown in. Broadband Standard customers will receive a free modem while Broadband Extra customers get a free wireless router – both things perform the same task, but the modem is more suited to a standard broadband service rather than a more advanced service. Both services will be connected at no extra cost to the customer, and both will also receive basic email protection so customers don’t accidentally open a harmful message, as well as anti-virus protection so hackers and malware aren’t given a chance to get a hold on the computer. It’s also worth noting that the Post Office employs a fair usage policy on its broadband services – although a customer might have unlimited downloads, if they’re slowing down the experience of another user on the network, they will be given a warning and slowed down themselves if they don’t heed it.

The provider will also promote special offers on its services which change on a regular basis – for instance, one offer it has promoted in the past is the addition of six months of calls at any time of the day or night when a customer adds it to their package. All of the deals that the Post Office is running can be ordered from its website, so log on for more details and to take the next step in the ordering process.

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