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Sky Broadband Top Deals

Sky Broadband Deals :

Discover amazing Sky product's

Along with BT and possibly Virgin Media, Sky is the biggest telecoms provider in the United Kingdom – with exclusive films, sport and programming it has managed to corner the market on digital television, and now it’s trying to do the same thing with broadband and landlines. Because of its huge amount of products and services, it can be daunting trying to determine which services fit your requirements and budget best, which is why it offers so many bundles and packages to new customers.

The point of these packages is to bundle together two or more services in order to make things more convenient and cheaper for the customer – they only have to pay one monthly bill rather than several, which usually works out cheaper, and they only have to deal with one company. The company has over thirty bundles which take in two landline deals (Sky Talk Weekends and Sky Talk Anytime – both fairly self-explanatory as to what they include as part of the service), two broadband deals (Sky Broadband Lite and Sky Broadband Unlimited – again self-explanatory) and various TV channel packages, including Sky Sports, the Sky HD Pack and Sky Movies, which can be added or taken away as the customer sees fit.

The customer can either go for pre-made bundles that are aimed at people who are interested in different things, whether that’s sports, broadband, talking or watching films, or create their own so it’s tailored exactly to what they want from a multi-service bundle. Obviously, the more that is included, the more expensive the bundle will be but, if you really want to be able to watch America’s Next Top Model in high-definition then it’s worth paying the money. And making sure that you have a high-definition TV to play it on.

In addition to standard broadband, the company’s customers can also take advantage of Sky Fibre Unlimited, which offers superfast broadband to those who live in an area where it is available – they should be able to enter their postcode into the company’s website to check if they can access it. 

*Sky TV prices will increase on 1 September. In accordance with their standard terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in a minimum contract term.

Reasons for choosing SKY

Because of the sheer breadth of the company’s services, there is a huge amount of features that are available across television, landline and broadband services from Sky. The company’s television programming can be watched over a range of different devices rather than being restricted to television, including laptops, iPads and smartphones which use Sky Go or Sky Anytime to access the programmes that the customer’s account allows them to watch, while Sky Multiroom allows different programmes to be watched in different rooms (although this feature is one that needs to be paid for, rather than coming as free). When watching the television, customers can also use their digital box to pause and rewind live TV, as well as recording programmes that they know they’re not going to able to watch at the time they’re originally broadcast.

In addition, there are regular rewards and special offers for TV customers, such as two for one tickets to visit attractions like Madame Tussaud's, Thorpe Park and the London Eye, offers to be in the audience for Sky shows, competitions to win tickets to Formula One races and even more – all customers have to do is keep checking to see what’s on offer.

In terms of extra features for customers who have signed up to the company’s broadband, there are free wireless routers which switch to low energy mode when they’re not being used and switch back to using more energy when they are and the customers can also start to access the internet through free WiFi hotspots from The Cloud. This means that they’ll be able to log in on their Sky accounts when they’re in an area where The Cloud is in operation and access the internet without it costing them any money and without having to contend with spots where 3G or 4G is a bit dodgy or entirely non-existent, as rare as that is. There aren’t a huge amount of extra features for landlines because the company is concentrating more on promoting its broadband and TV today.

More about Sky broadband packages

Sky is a well-established provider of pay-TV services in the United Kingdom and is known for their excellence; as such they are currently servicing over 10 million customers. Using the very height of current technology allows Sky to broadcast the most in-demand shows of the time in amazing High Definition quality. They also strive to make sure that their goods and services are priced at the most affordable fees, so that anybody can join them and begin to enjoy the unmatched service. Although Sky is renowned for their satellite TV provision, they are fundamentally a telecommunications company, and as such they also offer phone and broadband services to all of their customers.

Being the fastest growing broadband provider in the UK, Sky has trialled and refined their award-winning Internet service to ensure that it is always the finest it can be, with more than 3 million customers now using their service across the United Kingdom & Ireland.

If you are living in an area covered by the Sky network then you can connect to their vast system and enjoy their exciting broadband provision.

Sky Broadband without TV Individuals already content with their TV subscription can nevertheless gain from the other services that Sky has on offer.Should you already have a satisfactory line rental that is compatible with Sky services then you can forego this requisite. Those interested in a slighter Internet service can take advantage of Sky Broadband Everyday Lite which retains the swift speed of 14Mbps but is subject to a 2GB usage limit. This service is free to customers that choose to take Sky Broadband, Sky Talk and Sky TV.

Each of these services comes with dependable security protection software for 12 months from McAfee, as well as a free wireless router.

Switch to Sky Easy and Hassle free

Switch to Sky Broadband Switching to Sky from your current service provider is an incredibly simple procedure. Firstly, you can log onto the Sky website to use their landline checker which will inform you of whether Sky products are compatible to be used via your existing line rental. Secondly, you can hand-craft your Sky package, including Sky Broadband Everyday Lite or Unlimited and Sky Talk Freetime or Unlimited, as well as their great value-for-money line rental. Thirdly, Sky will facilitate the switchover henceforth and inform your existing provider of the change. Within 2 weeks you will be enjoying your new money-saving Sky subscription!

In some cases, when making the switch to Sky from other providers you will be asked to order your services online through a simple and clear process. You can use the address checker on the Sky website to determine whether or not you are living in an area covered by the Sky network. You can also order your new Sky landline and phone number online and be enjoying your new Sky Broadband and call services within as little as 3 weeks time.

Build your bundle package manually or pick from some of the most popular expedient bundles on offer already, with everything from Sky TV to broadband and calls. Make the move now to begin benefiting from a superior quality of service from Sky!

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