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Talktalk Broadband Top Deals

Talktalk Broadband Deals :

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Although it isn’t one of the biggest names in the broadband market, having been known previously for its landline services, TalkTalk is aiming to change the way customers perceive it by throwing its hat firmly into the fibre-optic broadband ring.

Because fibre-optic broadband networks are about to become the next big thing, companies are getting in on the ground floor to ensure that they are in a good position to offer it to as many people as possible. The company currently offers two forms of fibre-optic broadband deal to its customers, Fibre Medium and Fibre Large – the former offers customers download speeds of up to four times faster than the UK average and an upload speed of up to double the average speed of the average UK user, while the latter offers download speeds of up to eight times faster and upload speeds of up to seventeen times faster than the UK average.

However, customers can also choose TalkTalk Essentials, which combines more standard broadband with a landline at half price for twelve months – the deal also includes 3000 free minutes to UK mobiles and free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines, as well as free connection. All broadband customers will also be given the option of turning on the HomeSafe parental controls which have garnered a great deal of attention in the past few months.

However, the service which is getting the biggest promotional push at the moment is Plus TV, which gives customers digital television, broadband and landline services all in the same bundle. This is the only way that they can receive TV, which includes flexible Sky Movies and Sky Sports, unlimited access to movies and television programmes, seven day catch-up and 74 Freeview channels which can be paused and rewound, from the company. It also includes a twelve-month LoveFilm subscription which allows films to be streamed via the television. The broadband is standard rather than fibre-optic but has no data usage allowance and the landline includes unlimited calls at any time of the day or night, week or weekend, to UK landlines.

Talk Talk Broadband features

There are several main features which the company has been promoting across its various services, with one of them being the aforementioned HomeSafe system which can be put in place across a customer’s entire broadband network. The system works by giving the customer complete control over the types of website that they can access – if they define it as unsafe then they will not be able to access it. This works especially well for kids, whose after-school homework will often involve them needing to use the internet – this stops them from accidentally accessing websites that are unsuitable for them. It’s free to use and customers will be given the option of having it turned on or off when they sign up to a broadband deal – they can also upgrade to Super Safe Boost, which will provide an even higher level of protection, for an extra fee if they wish to do so.

When it comes to the company’s television service, it’s not being unfair to say that most of the appeal for the consumer comes from the YouView box that is included with the deal. The box allows the customer to perform all of the tasks noted above, and stores over two hundred hours’ worth of programmes that have been recorded on it so that the viewer doesn’t have to miss them and can watch them at a time that is convenient for them. The service works both through the customer’s TV aerial and through a broadband connection, so both will need to be set up (of course, you have to get the broadband with the TV service) properly before the customer can access the service.

Parental controls similar to HomeSafe are available here to prevent children from seeing anything that they shouldn’t be seeing, at least not for a few more years. To view the full range of features available across all of TalkTalk’s services, log on to its website and start exploring the possibilities that it opens up.

Talk Talk Fiber broadband with exciting speeds

Existing TalkTalk Essentials and Plus customers can further benefit from the Fibre Optic Boost, subject to availability, which will give an even better broadband performance at any time of the day or night.

With this added feature TalkTalk broadband users will be capable of uploading and sharing their photos & videos quicker than ever before. They can also download films or stream their favourite TV shows with no waiting and no unwelcome interruptions, and of course this is applicable to High Definition programmes. See and feel the difference in the speed of your reactions when online gaming, be able to have the entire family online at the same time without suffering from a loss of broadband speed, and enjoy an overall improved and more reliable Internet connection throughout every hour of the day.

With the Fibre Optic Boost customers can experience download speeds of up to 40Meg, and for the minimal cost of £10 on top of your existing TalkTalk subscription fee. As part of the necessary £25 installation and activation charge a fully qualified engineer with experience of the equipment and products will set the quick connection up for you and will explain everything to you in simple terms so you never have to worry once it’s all done. Customer support remains as standard.

Just log onto the TalkTalk website and enter your phone number to find out whether you are living in an area which is eligible for the Fibre Optic Boost!

TalkTalk Broadband Extras If you find that you are using your home phone line to call UK mobiles and being stung for the over-priced service rates then there is a solution!

Know more about UK's best Value broadband provider

Launched in 2003 as an auxiliary branch of The Carphone Warehouse, TalkTalk are now a leader in the UK when it comes to value-for-money provision of fixed line broadband and other telecommunications services, currently servicing nearly 5 million customers throughout the United Kingdom.

Having developed and installed their own equipment and technology, TalkTalk operates nationally across an interactive web of fast and effective data traffic with a keen focus on cost-efficiency for the business itself and their customers. The method that TalkTalk use is known as “Local Loop Unbundling”, and it allows them to manage all of the services which they provide by maintaining control of the phone line. This method offers several advantages to the consumer, such as heightened broadband speeds and quality, and its continued expansion is pivotal to the mounting success of the brand. It also promotes competition between providers, fairer pricing and flexibility to customers.

TalkTalk currently offers 2 great broadband options to customers, namely TalkTalk Essentials and TalkTalk Plus. Likewise, they have a separate entity for the provision of Business Broadband which is accessible in 3 channels: small business, public sector, resellers & dealers.

TalkTalk have also proven themselves as a significant body in the industry through their acquisition of Opal, AOL and Tiscali, which has in turn enabled them to grow into the largest provider of broadband services to millions of UK households.

Consumers that choose TalkTalk as their broadband and telecommunications provider will also experience many added benefits. Whereas the majority of Internet providers are competing to deliver unrealistic broadband download speeds, TalkTalk promise to deliver the best service that is possible. For this purpose, they have a strong commitment to deliver satisfaction to every customer with a focus on honesty and building trust in their brand name. There is a speed checker on their website which is devoted to supplying an estimate that is as accurate as possible for the download speed of the area in which you are living. Customers can do this by simply typing in their post code or their existing home phone number.

Customer Reviews
  • Suzie

    " "

    22 May 2013
  • Jackson s

    " Just recently got my Talk Talk Broadband contract extended for 12 months for I’m pretty contented with the service. Never had billing issues or speed dropping issues, though I download quite a lot of stuff. It is best to do a speed check before you actually subscribe to Talk Talk which gives you fair estimate of what speed to expect. On the overall, the Talk Talk broadband service is value for money service without much hassle. "

    03 Apr 2012
  • Jodi S

    " Just fell into the trap of low cost broadband service as promised by Talk Talk, but simply disappointed for it is not up to the mark. I was hoping for better and a faster service than my existing provider but I am still facing the same slow download speed. This condition is despite their promises of faster broadband speeds and no slowing down of the broadband connection. I was much better off with my earlier provider and now I am stuck with Talk Talk broadband for another 10 months or so. "

    03 Apr 2012