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Virgin Media Broadband Top Deals

Virgin Media Broadband Deals :

Virgin Media Products & Services

As long as there are technology-based pies, Richard Branson’s fingers and toes will be in all of them – his Virgin company prides itself on begin at the forefront of everything based around technology, from space exploration and transport to broadband and digital television. Accordingly, it has risen to become one of the biggest telecoms providers in the UK, with a huge range of products, services, features and extras for its customers to take advantage of.

The company has recently launched its Collections range, which are pre-packaged bundles consisting of various combinations of its broadband, TV and landline services aimed at people who use them in differing amounts. For instance, the Essentials option comes with fibre-optic broadband boasting a 30Mb download speed so those who like to be online often can get on and perform tasks quickly and efficiently, but the TV services that come with the option are more limited, with the landline including unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and mobiles. The other three options gradually give customers more and more depending on how much they are prepared to spend, but they all include fibre-optic broadband, digital TV with a TiVo box to record programmes and a landline.

Of course, customers can opt to receive all of these services separately – there’s no reason why they should have to combine broadband with TV or a landline, but it does work out cheaper in the long run to only deal with one company rather than two or three. Nevertheless, broadband on its own is available at speeds of up to 100Mb per second, which is staggering in terms of the speed the customer will be able to work at. In a similar way, you can get TV on its own but, the more channels you want, the more expensive it will be, while customers wanting a landline on its own can either get the Talk Weekends, Talk Evenings and Weekends or the Talk Unlimited deal – if you know anything about landlines then the differences between those three deals will be fairly easy to work out.

Know more about Virgin Media Products

Each Virgin Media service has a large number of extra features and bits and pieces to help sweeten the deal for customers who have signed up and to try and convince those who are sitting on the fence to sign up as well. Those who sign up to the company’s broadband, for instance, will receive Virgin Media Security, which can protect up to three computers from viruses and malware and includes parental controls; Virgin Media Mail, which gives customers up to ten email addresses to be used by the people living in the house the broadband is attached to and PC Healthcheck, which regularly scans the computer for anything that might be slowing it down or impairing its performance.

Customers who have opted to sign up to the company’s digital TV services will be given a TiVo digital box – these cannot be obtained anywhere else in the UK and they give the user the ability to record hundreds of hours of television if they know they’re not going to be around to watch it when it’s originally broadcast. Two programmes can be recorded simultaneously while a third is being watched, and the box will even suggest programmes that it thinks you’ll be interested in based on what you’ve already watched. If you realise that you won’t be able to get home to record something, you can do it from your phone and you can even access services like BBC iPlayer and YouTube through the box as well. The possibilities are truly endless.

As always seems to be the case regardless of the provider, there are less extra features where landlines are concerned, but the company has done its best here – customers can access free voicemail so they never have to miss a call as well as last number recall so you can see who called you when you just failed to get the phone in time, call waiting and call barring. Calls to Virgin Mobile numbers are also included, while even more features are available for small extra fees every month.

Switching made Easy

Jumping from your current provider to a superior broadband service with Virgin Media could not be a simpler process.

First of all, you can log onto the Virgin Media website to peruse and select the ideal broadband package, or alternatively construct one personally, for your household. Then you can choose an installation date as soon as in the following 10 days for the installation to take place!

Secondly, a specially trained engineer will arrive at your home on the specified date and at the specified time to connect your home to the interactive Virgin Media network. This will usually take between 30 minutes - 2 hours, and as soon as it is completed the engineer will demonstrate to you how the system operates.

Lastly, depending upon the notification process of your existing telecommunications provider, you can download and fill-in a simple form of cancellation. Post it and you will be ready to roll with your brand new superfast Virgin Media broadband service!

Make your decision by visiting the Virgin Media website today, and save yourself a bundle with their exclusive 6 months half price offer now!
Choose from up to 10Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps, or the massive 100Mbps at only £17.25 per month! This is the fastest broadband download speed in existence at unbeatable value for money. With it you can enjoy unlimited usage allowances, excellent online security software, unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobiles if you take a Virgin Media phone line, as well as a brand new superfast wireless router!

To benefit from a better-quality service switch from your provider to Virgin Media today.

Virgin Media Services Explained

There’s a huge range of amazing deals with Virgin! Whether you’re looking for a new broadband package, a TV media deal or even a great deal on your phone or mobile Virgin has something to offer. With great prices and an excellent reputation, there’s no reason not to join!

Providing the UK’s fastest broadband, Virgin have deals to suit both you and your needs! So whether you’re a student in need of a short 9 month contract or a family looking for something long term, there is definitely a deal for you.
Virgin’s broadband works through fibre optic cable made from super thing strands of glass which carries information by light, this all adds up to virgin broadband being able to handle websites, movies and photos at incredibly fast speeds! Wherever you live you can still receive a great broadband package deal as well, so have no fear virgin can reach you.
Virgin Media Security is another great reason to join it’s included with all broadband packages and includes anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. If you have children you’ll be able to fine tune the content available or schedule times when they are not allowed on the Internet at all.

With so many uses of the internet you can now find a package which is suitable for you. There are many benefits with Virgin Broadband from unlimited downloads, large online storage,  a free virgin media super hub, free photo prints and automatic file back up. Even more reasons to encourage you to join.

Virgin have a fantastic range of calling plans including calls to virgin mobiles and it has never been easier, you can simply choose your package and buy online.
All virgin phone packages come with unlimited calls to UK landlines, virgin mobiles and 0870 numbers on all weekends and you can also choose a great value for money calling plan in order to save on any international calls you may make. If you enjoy talking on the phone then there are deals where you can make calls to UK landlines, virgin mobiles and 0870 any day of the week at any time whenever it suits you. However if you’re less inclined towards phone conversations than you can choose the deal to utilise the free calls only in evenings and all weekend.
With virgin phone you can get the same call features that you could with any provider and at great prices you can select the features you like from voicemail plus and caller display to 3 way calling and call barring, your choices are limitless.
On top of all this you can get an even better deal on your virgin phone package the more services you take up; they can offer you bundles with broadband and TV as well.

Entertainment is at an all time high, making now the perfect time for you to indulge in Virgin TV. With a huge selection of channels showing the latest shows and films you’ll be able to watch all the channels you love at great value for money prices.
Virgin TV uses fibre optic cable so there is no need for the installation of a satellite dish or even a TV aerial. And all packages arrive with a free V HD Box which means you can enjoy 19 TV channels in the wonder that is HD TV. There are over 160 channels so you can watch anything from sports and the news to films, sitcoms and soaps, the world is your oyster. 
There is also a massive array of TV, films and music on demand, this means if you happen to miss your favourite show whether it’s an episode or the whole series you can watch all the latest shows on BBC iPlayer, ITV player and 4 on demand whenever you want.
With technology at and all time high you can also watch 3D TV, not everything comes in 3D, however there are some great 3D films and programmes that Virgin has to offer you. TV has never seemed so real!

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