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Broadband Speed Test Guide
About broadband speed test

The Broadband Speed Test is a free-to-use speed testing service that analyses your broadband speed in seconds. It can measure speeds on every type of broadband connection whether ADSL, cable/fibre-optic or mobile broadband (3G,4G). Please be aware that the speeds measured are only a guide, and should not be seen as a definitive encapsulation of your overall broadband connection’s performance.

Recommended web browsers:

Firefox 3.6 or newer

Internet Explorer 8 or newer

Safari 4 or newer

Chrome 10 or newer

Use Speed test to analyze your current speed and make decisions on contatcting your Internet service provider for fixing low speed issues or just to switch your provider. Do remember that Speed depends upon various factors such as Distance form exchange, time of test and other activity running onto your computer. We recommend to stop all the activity which may require bandwith and affect speed test.

Things to know to Get accurate speed test results Using the Speedtest requires a web browser with Javascript enabled and Adobe Flash 8 or newer installed. Adobe Flash is a free download on Adobe's website. We always recommend the latest version of Flash for better security and performance. Along with this also rember to shut all activities such as :
  • 1. Downloading anything on your PC / laptop.
  • 2. All automatic Updates sucha as software update or RSS Feeds are turned off.
  • 3. Avoid using online streaming services such as Online radio, News services, Youtube vedio's.
  • 4. Its best to disconnect as many devices befor speed test.
  • 5. Do not use internet while the speed test is working.
Broadband Comparison

Broadbandmart offers Free to use speed test service to analyze your line speed. It measures speed in GB along with best deals recommendation in your area. Using the Speedtest requires a web browser with Javascript enabled and Adobe Flash 8 or newer installed. Adobe Flash is a free download on Adobe's website. We always recommend the latest version of Flash for better security and performance.

Why should you compare broadband?

If you are thinking about switching from your existing broadband provider to a brand new one, it is vital to compare your existing provider to a range of other ones before making any move at all.

Why do this? Well for starters you could save a considerable amount of money. Just because two providers both offer a very similar service, it doesn’t mean the two services will cost exactly the same amount of money. Furthermore they may not be exactly the same anyway. One might be better than the other – would you know the difference between the two?

You can improve your broadband service

People switch broadband providers for lots of different reasons. However if you’re not happy with your existing provider for some reason, broadband comparison will definitely be beneficial for you. This is because it will usually turn up a provider that is better than the one you have at the moment.

For example let’s say you currently have up to 16Mb broadband and you want something better. It wouldn’t make any sense to opt for another 16Mb deal just because it is available more cheaply than the one you have at the moment. So your search should include services that provide up to 100Mb broadband if at all possible, so you can take advantage of a much better service on a continual basis.

Why look before switching?

Most people swap providers for one of two reasons. They either want to pay less money or get a better service – or ideally both. If you go straight to another provider before looking to see what else is available, you might end up going from the proverbial frying pan straight into the fire. Even if you see a deal that is seemingly better value than your current one, it may not be the case. You might end up paying less money but your broadband connection might be worse too.

This is why it is always better to spend a short time looking for what would suit you best, instead of rushing into something new that you could end up regretting.

Look for bundled deals that provide broadband as well as phone and television services

You can often save more money on your broadband service if you consider bundling it in with other services from the same company. Providers like to try and sign a customer up for more than one service, and if they can do this they will grant the customer a discount for doing so.

The most popular deals are those that include telephone and television services too. You may get two or three of these services all included in the same bundle, and there are lots to choose from. Every company tries to provide the best deal for its customers, so make sure you compare as many services as possible so you know which one will provide the best value for money for you.

Other deals can be struck simply for being a new customer. For example your current broadband provider might be charging, say, £10 a month for your service. But you may find you can swap to another provider as a new customer and receive the same service at a discount for the first three months. Sometimes you can even swap and get a discounted price for a whole year.


You can probably see why a broadband comparison is essential for everyone who is even considering going to another provider. Why stay with the one you’re with now if it means losing money every month or putting up with a service or speed of broadband you’re not happy with?

Similarly it makes sense to ensure you are able to put some time into researching the market and the other providers you could choose from. You must make sure the new provider you go with is going to be better able to serve your needs than the one you are with now, otherwise the whole exercise will be a waste of time.

So make sure you get the very best broadband for your requirements, however much or little you use it. Make sure you compare broadband providers so you know your choice will be powered by knowledge. Once you are connected to your new service you will be glad you put in the effort to get the service you really wanted.

Switching Provider

If you are not satisfied with your current broadband service, or you want to switch provider to save money on a better deal, then it is important to do your homework by going online and researching as best you can. There are many companies out there offering broadband services, which come both on their own as well as in conjunction with telephone and television services. When you take your broadband with these other services this is called a bundle.

If you are thinking of switching provider then there is a lot to think about. You can find out plenty of information online, which can help you make your decision, by going to the websites of various internet service providers. You can also go to price comparison websites which are tailored towards helping you find the best broadband deals, and these sites will help you weigh up all the options, as well as show you a comparison of prices so you can make a well judged decision on which provider to switch to.

When you are thinking about switching your broadband provider there are various factors to think about so that you make the right choice. You will want to think about what speed of broadband you already have as well as what speed you are looking for. Typically, higher speeds cost more but often these can be worth investing in as they can save you time – waiting for a slow internet connection can be incredibly frustrating, especially when we are so dependent on the internet these days for communicating and downloading material. When you know what speed you want this will make going about your search for a new broadband provider much simpler as you can compare prices for this speed.

It is also worthwhile to check with your own provider to see what deals they have on offer that might mean that you can save money, as many providers update their packages and deals regularly to stay fresh. You should also make sure you get in touch with the other providers to see if they can help you to make your decision and give you all the information you will need on the service they provide, what you are signing up to, and how you can switch to their service.

In order to switch your broadband service you will need a MAC code. This code allows you to switch broadband so that you won’t have to encounter any downtime with your internet connection, making the whole process a lot smoother and more convenient. You can get your MAC code by calling your current broadband provider so that you then have this information to give your new provider.

Once you are equipped with this code you are then prepared to make the switch to your new provider. It is important when you are searching for a provider to make sure that they provide a service to your area. While all the most well known providers have a large amount of coverage all over the country, it can happen that there are some areas which cannot receive their broadband services. Usually the main websites for these providers can help you with finding out this information by having a search tool where you can enter your post code and they can check for you if they offer coverage.

When you are confident that your new provider will be able to offer you broadband in the area that you live in, then you can more easily sort through the providers you are thinking of signing up with, as this will eliminate some. You should also start thinking about your budget and how much you want to get for your money when switching provider.

When you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, such as speed, cost and what deal or bundle you are looking for then it is time to approach your providers. Most broadband providers make it their mission to make switching as simple as possible for you, so that you don’t have to have any hassle at all and can carry on with your daily life. Your new broadband provider will organise the switch for you once they have your MAC code by changing you to their service as soon as your old broadband contract allows.

You can get all kinds of offers if you check back with providers regularly, as often many of them have seasonal deals which give you amazing advantages, such as a few months of free service or free line rental. These can make a huge difference in saving you money so burning a hole in your pocket is another thing you don’t have to worry about any more! With all this sorted you can then sit back and simply enjoy your new internet service with the provider that is right for you.