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Broadband Types

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ADSL2 Broadband If you are looking for broadband with download speeds of up to 16Mb from BT’s 21CN network then think about getting ADSL2+ Broadband. Read More
Fibre Broadband More and more customers around the UK are discovering the benefits that signing up to a broadband network made out of fibre-optic cable can bring to them. Read More
Gaming Broadband Online gaming gives users a brilliant experience and a chance to test their skills against other users. Find out about the broadband requirements that online gaming demands, and some of the providers who can offer this. Read More
20Mb Broadband If you are looking for very fast broadband which will allow you to carry out activities such as online gaming, streaming live video, social networking, digital radio, downloading and more, then a 20 Mb connection could be perfect for you. Read More
14Mb Broadband When you are thinking about getting a broadband service for your home, it is vital to consider the different speeds that are available. Read More
16Mb Broadband When comparing home broadband services, you may not think 16Mb is going to be a lot different from 14Mb broadband. Read More
UpTo 38Mb Broadband If you are in a household with multiple users who like to stream, download, play games online and more, then a 38 Mb package might be suited to you. These connections are extremely fast and utilise impressive fibre optic technology. Read More
UpTo 60Mb Broadband If you want to get very fast broadband then it is worth considering going with a provider such as Plusnet, BT or Virgin for superfast connection speeds. Read More
ADSL broadband Discover just what ADSL is and how it differs to a dial up connection. You can also find out what the advantages and disadvantages are, as well as who provides this type of broadband connection. Read More
Up To 100Mb Broadband If you want to have the best possible broadband service around today, you need to consider getting 100Mb broadband. This is the fastest service available at the moment, and it is being rolled out in more areas all the time. Read More

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Broadband Types Everybody needs broadband, but are you aware of all the broadband types available?

When choosing a broadband product it is important to remember that there are several different types of broadband, and the type you choose should be the most suitable for your personal needs. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, a keen music lover or a stressed out businessperson who needs a strong, fast connection, there is a type of broadband suitable for you.

If speed is what you require, the fastest connection you can get is from fibre optic broadband. Fibre optic broadband is the next big thing in the broadband world, providing us with extreme, superfast speeds and a strong connection to accommodate the growing amount of things we can do so easily online.

A slower (and cheaper) but strong connection can be achieved through broadband types such as ASDL or ASDL2. ASDL2 provides speeds of up to 16MB, whilst ASDL provides speeds of only 6MB. These types of connection work through your telephone lines, and can be affected by factors such as your distance from your exchange, and if your exchange has been upgraded recently.

Users who want to use their connection to enjoy seamless video streaming, gaming, downloading and more should think about purchasing 20MB or over broadband, as this will provide you with the speeds necessary to access this content without excessive buffering or loading. A household with multiple users may require more than this, whilst lighter users may require less.

It is definitely worth researching broadband types before you make a purchase, as you don't want to pay too much for the service you require, but you want to make sure your connection allows you to carry out the activities you want it to.